Social Media Marketing

Social Media is all about connecting with your customers and generating consistent brand awareness and loyalty with your audience.


500 million active Facebook users.

50 million tweets a day.

24 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute.


There’s no denying that social media is changing the way that people and brands connect and communicate with each other.



The creation of potentially unlimited, widespread ‘listening channels’ is aimed to increase multi-market potential.


Social media is :


Informing – provide real time information to your customers

Promoting - send offers and invite subscribers

Branding- reaffirm brand values to existing customers and attract new clients

Building Community Discussion – customers connect, interact and spread your message

Learning- source immediate (and genuine) customer feedback

Supporting - drives customer retention and gives positive experience


What we offer

Creative Central provides a comprehensive and flexible marketing strategy, which can include the use of the very latest ‘buzz’ communication channels.


We can create a bespoke package of campaign measures, aimed to reach out and attract a client base that will continue to grow your business.


Our cost-effective social media bundles consist of daily SEO linked articles, blogs and Twitter feeds, written specifically to promote your company and directly target your niche market sectors.


Starting with an initial three month run, extendable to six months or one year, Creative Central will handle all aspects of creating and administering your campaign in-house – you don’t do a thing, just watch the site hits convert customers and drive sales figures!


To find out more about our Social Media Services in Sydney, or request a quote please contact us.