Email Marketing Solutions

Using email marketing for promoting your business is becoming a highly popular and cost effective strategy to get your message accross and in the minds of those who matter most.

Most people mistake email marketing for “selling”. There are many ways of keeping contact with your customers by email – and they still give the best return when it comes to online marketing:

Major Advantages of Email Marketing

  • Increase referral rates and new customer numbers
  • Increase your sales volume
  • Reduce your marketing expenditure
  • Increase your brand awareness to remain top-of-mind
  • Grow your contact database/s
  • Create one-on-one relationships with your customers by personalising your messages
  • Increase client response and loyalty
  • Generate more word of mouth advertising and referrals
  • Implement a powerful market research campaign
  • Track the success of your campaigns with real-time statistics and reporting
  • Create targeted direct email marketing campaigns with information and offerings that generate high levels of customer interest
  • Position yourself as an expert in your industry via monthly updates & helpful hints & tips
  • Build a community from existing clients and prospective new clients
  • Educate your existing and prospective clients about new product releases and services

Creative Central has created countless email marketing campaigns, that have achieved thousands of impressions, and through this process we’ve learned what really works and what doesn’t. We handle every aspect of your email marketing, from the actual email creative and text content to the list management and final email delivery.

To find out more about our Email Marketing Services, or to request a quote please contact us.