Brand Collateral

Brand Collateral is arguably the most important step of all in achieving a new brand. After all, there’s little point of a compelling new brand if you don’t know how to best implement and derive the most value from it.


Once your brand and marketing strategies are established, you will need practical marketing to get the message of your brand over to your customers, effectively and within budget. Our strategic approach ensures that we craft each piece of collateral with great care ‘ attending to the balance between form and function ‘ delivering beautiful, effectual brand communication.


Creative Central will develop practical plans for your business, informed by the right type of market research, that will communicate your brand in a way that leads directly to increased sales, enhanced brand reputation and business growth.


Our Brand Collateral services include:



In a marketplace where consumers can choose from 20 kinds of vanilla ice cream, standing out in the crowd is more important than ever. The right package design gives your products a head start when it’s time to fly off the shelves. Read More…

Press and Trade Advertising

We know how easy it can be to waste a marketing budget for little results so we make sure that we get you the best value for your brand. We work with you every step of the way in delivering memorable press, outdoor and ambient media strategies.

Brochures, Newsletters, & Posters

We’ve designed countless professional marketing collateral such as sales sheets, product brochures, rate cards etc.. Our design team can take raw copy and creative inputs from you and produce high quality marketing material including Fliers, Brochures, newsletters, post cards, calendars and Corporate Presentations.


Direct Marketing Mailers

Direct Advertising is a great way to get your message to a customer, and we can help deliver. We design creative direct mail campaigns that can increase your business and generate new leads.

Point of Sale & Retail Design

Make your retail space sing. Make your point-of-sale bring increased sales and expand your market. Consumers are increasingly doing their shopping online, so for a retail space to be successful its point-of-sale design as well as its retail interior must be memorable and deliver a positive experience.

Signage, Exhibition and Display

We can design signage that caters for a wide range of products, from jumbo size ink jet printed banners to basic fascia signage including hand lettered signs, graphic design, pictorial, styrene carving and general artwork.